Credit Repair

If you need a Credit Repair Assistance

Let the professionals help you.

Getting your life back in 3 steps:

1. FREE ANALYSIS. Our agent will guide you on how to pull your credit report for a ridiculous $1 fee, then create a custom-tailored comprehensive report for you in under 24 hrs.
2. SIGN UP. Signing up is instant and transparent. We provide you with a portal to monitor your progress.
3. RESULTS. We go after creditors and Bureaus on your behalf, aggressively fishing for foreclosures, charge-offs, late payment, errors.

You will speak to an experienced credit repair agent who will look at your information and propose a strategy based on your goals.

– Assurance – It’s simple. We will deliver results or you will get a no questions asked full refund. Our proprietary process was developed by experienced attorneys.
– Speed – Documents are processed and sent out for investigation under 48 hours!

Business Loans

Ignite Capital Loans specializes and provides Business Loans.
If you own a business (operating 1 year or longer) and have minimum of $20K monthly revenue (for last 3 months) – Call for free consultation.

Payday Loan Consolidation

We will explain exactly how consolidating your dept into one low monthly payment can have big benefits. A counselor will cover all the options available to you so you can move forward on the best possible path to a stress free and dept free life.

With The Right Help You Can:

  • Reduce your monthly payments
  • Get a lower interest rate
  • Consolidate to one monthly payment
  • Stop harassing collection calls
  • Avoid having to file bankruptcy
  • Stop the monthly late charges
  • Have stress free living

Payday Loans up to 2500$

From now there is no need to visit Ignite Loans offices. You can get payday loans online.
Simply fill in the form below to get a loan up to 2500$.
(If you need a personal loan up to 5000$, please visit main page).

Your cash request is processed immediately. Get money deposited into your bank account in minutes.